The Purpose of This Blog – The Secrets Series

Welcome to The Secrets Series!

Have the twists and turns in your life created chaos?  Did you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or depressed because of that chaos?  How do you handle that chaos?

the-secret-series-life-twists-and-turnsI have experienced many twists and turns.  My twists and turns include being hit by a drunk driver at 8:00 in the morning; health issues such as developing a lung infection, vertigo, panic attacks, and more; being let go from a job when my position was eliminated after I served that organization for over seven years.  These are just to name a few.

All of these life events generated chaos and the feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed which, in part, led to depression. To stop the chaos, or at least control it, I had to become a Manager of Chaos.

As I came through all these twists and turns and started getting control of the chaos, I learned many lessons about setting and achieving goals, beating depression, managing my health, thinking on my feet in conversations, writing books, marketing, and more.  Through these lessons I had a lot of ‘ah-ha’ moments and I discovered my passion for teaching; teaching through public speaking, training, and writing.

Because of this passion, I developed a mission that includes helping others, who have experienced life’s twists and turns, have their own ah-ha moments and empowering them to manage their own periods of chaos.

This mission, fueled by my passion to teach, drove me to, among other things, write my books and create this blog The Secrets Series.  The purpose of my books and this blog is to provide you tips for managing life’s chaos and professional responsibilities based on the lessons I have learned and continue to learn.

As you read the posts in The Secrets Series, keep in mind that I enjoy hearing from my readers. Please write a comment on your favorite posts; share your experiences or ask questions!  If you find a post beneficial, you are welcome to share it.

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Enjoy reading The Secrets Series!


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